About Us

Siret Vineyard focus on our passion to make environmentally sustainable wine. Our holistic philosophy to winemaking which starts with climate, empahasises the importance on the vineyard, as well as wine’s relation to the food we love to grow, cook, and eat.

I do not create the wine – nature does.

– Nikolay

Nikolay came to United States from one of the oldest wine making region South Carpatian mountains
– Tokay .

Nikolay philosophy is not to interference during wine making process only monitoring and on time racking which let grapes to most natural way express their terroir and characteristics , open all potential of the wine for customers to enjoy.

About Our Vineyards

Located on the west side of the valley, in the area’s best region. Incorporates two distinct vineyard sites, one on the west side and the other on land that slopes toward the valley bottom. Planted in 1999 this vineyard includes approximately of Merlot, each of Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris, and of Gewurztraminer. A little more than half an acre of Syrah was added in the spring of 2014.

Today we own and farm a total of about and also relies on long-term contracts with some of the areas top grape growers. The winery takes great pride in its positive reputation amongst grape growers as an excellent winery partner. The respect of the growers is reflected in the quality of the fruit that they deliver to us.


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